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Ice skating: To dream on two blades…

Which child has not imagined at least once to hover in the air slipping on a pair of shoes? In Alta Baida you can try the emotion of skating at the ice stadium of Corvara just a few km from La Villa where our hotel is located. You will spend a pleasant and unusual afternoon that involves and give fun to the whole family. Learning to skate is easy and does not require great physical workout! What is really needed is the desire to have fun and togetherness. Once you put the skating shoes at the foot you have just to jump on the track and let you go following the rhythm of the music.
The ice stadium of Corvara offers to all nightlife lovers "ice disco" evenings where you dance on two blades to the rhythm of the most beautiful and popular disco music. Those who prefer outdoor life may also decide to skate on the frozen lake of Sompunt in Pedraces just 3 km from La Villa and from our Hotel Ladinia. The skates can be hired at the structures. Have fun!
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