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Alm Sauna

Alm Sauna

Built from natural wood, this sauna has a warm, relaxed atmosphere, and a healthy climate. Temperatures of up to 90°C and a humidity of up to 40% help body and soul to relax, to get rid of impurities and to free up the airways.


Experience a feeling of inner harmony and build up your strength for the stresses of daily life.

50 minutes € 54,00
Bio Sauna

Bio Sauna

At a humidity of only 50 % the Bio Sauna is an ‘easy sauna’. Without straining circulation as much as a conventional sauna, the Bio Sauna is perfect for cleansing the skin and will give your body a new energy to face to the day with.


A massage combined with a hay body scrub. This purifies the skin and enlarges the pores. Particularly good before the sauna or a Turkish bath. Skin becomes supple and radiant.

25 minutes € 35,00


Massage with straw peeling, it cleans the skin deep, great before the sauna and turkish bath.

40 minutes
€ 35,00
Breathtaking ski tours in Alta Badia

Breathtaking ski tours in Alta Badia

If you don't like kilometers of lifts and crowded slopes the only alternative is the alpine skiing and the Alta Badia really offers a great deal for fans of this sport. A holiday in Alta Badia at the Hotel Ladinia in La Villa is the ideal choice for those who can't renounce at the silence of the mountains and the intact and immaculate trails. The climb requires sometimes much sacrifice and effort but the landscape from above and the descent will undoubtedly apply the penalty! The alpine skiing knows to combine a healthy and complete physical activity to a great love for nature and outdoor life away from traffic slopes and ski areas.
The Dolomites offer paths of various lengths and difficulties and for this reason they are undoubtedly the ideal scenery for those who practice for the first time this sport as well as for those who are already an expert. The mountain guides of the area will be glad to assist you and advise the best suited paths for your physical training to enjoy in full security the beauty of the Dolomites.


According to your choice, on the face, back, shoulders or legs.

25 minutes € 33,00


This involves deep facial cleansing followed by treatment specific for your skin. Relaxes and refreshes the face and leaves you looking invigorated.

80 minutes
€ 65,00


This unique treatment encourages blood circulation and relieves pain and stress.

50 minutes € 49,00
Fun & joy for adults and children

Fun & joy for adults and children

If during your stay at Hotel Ladinia you fancy something really fun to do with the whole family you have absolutely to rent a sled and slide along the white and snowy slopes of the Dolomites. Children certainly will have lots of fun and adults will have the feeling to be returned children, even if only for one day. Get down on two blades will give you new vitality and so much joy and if along the descent there is also some acrobatic fall the laughter will surely not fail.
The sleds can be easily hired at the ski rentals of Alta Badia. To you then the choice to slide down at a runway for natural sledding or at sledding paths such as the hunter path of Pralongià-Cherz. If you decide to go for a sledding trail you need to climb up but do not worry, this is a pleasant walk to be done all together before launch into fast descents.
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